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What is Charity For Debt

Charity For Debt is a new non profit dedicated to helping students decrease their loan debt by providing paid volunteer opportunities at local charitable organizations.  Charity For Debt establishes unique partnerships between local businesses to sponsor students to contribute their energy for local charitable needs in the community.  Benefits:

  • College Students – Earn $15 per hour to directly pay back student loan costs while providing a great service to the local community, not just flipping burgers.
  • Charitable Organizations – Connect to a large pool of potential volunteers that will be paid to give their time and energy for your cause.
  • Local Businesses – Help students pay back their loans while giving charities dedicated workers that will positively impact the community.  Students and charities will submit progress reports to sponsoring businesses so positive change can be documented and seen.

Charity For Debt will connect these three groups through an advanced website to document all activities and positive change in the community.  Charity For Debt will be headquartered in Washington, DC, but all efforts will be on a local level with a local leader to facilitate communication and ensure operations are meeting local needs.  Being located in Washington, DC allows critical partnerships to be made with large national non profits with ties to local charitable organizations.    


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