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Recent Comments from our Volunteer Sign Up Forms

We have had many sign ups from potential volunteers.  We thank all who have helped us spread the word and those who have taken the time to sign up.  We are working on attracting donors to sponsor two pilot programs so we can run 10 volunteers through our first program.  Once we have a good sense of how the program will work best, then we plan to go full force. 

I thought I would share some of the comments people have left when signing up to be a volunteer, this is just a sample (they rock though!).

“I think it’s amazing!” – Misty Porter

“I think this is a brilliant idea. Most college students or recent graduates want to be involved with charities. However, without making sacrifices in one’s personal life or creative pursuits, it is nearly impossible to balance a job and volunteer work. This project is going to benefit a lot of people”. – Laura Sikes

“It’s a great program, would help many people out there get people started an a real life without the hassles of debt.” – Whitney Mckinzie

“Sounds great! When do I start?” – Lisa Long

“It is an amazing concept, and I really hope to see it expand. I will do what I can to help.” – Alia Scheirman

“I am very excited about it. Very well put together.” – Joseph Borchardt

“I think it’s a great idea and a fabulous way to get more people involved in the community that may have not done so otherwise.” – Tanna Thompson

“I think it is a fabulous idea, Volunteer work in general is something I love to do and paying off the school debt I’ll have after undergrad and perhaps law school is something that is very very appealing to me.” – Marissa Edwards

“I think it is an incredible idea that will not only help the respective communities, but students who have accumulated student debt.” – Justin Cole

“I think it is innovative and progressive and is an effective in helping both students and the community.” – Walleska Lantigua

“I think it’s pretty sweet! I’d love to donate my time to a cause and help pay off my loans at the same time!” – Adam Bryant

“I think it is a great way for students to give back to their community, while helping pay for their school. Excellent opportunity that I would love to take part in!” – Marcy Harvey

“This sounds like an amazingly helpful and worthwhile cause that I would love to be a part of!” – Betsy Hobaugh