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We have officially launched – Fanfare galore!

noneBrandon and I officially launched the website yesterday!  The hardest part was getting the discussion forums integrated and the sign up form exactly how we needed.  We swept through the text and thought it was good enough to let it go and start letting friends view the site so we can get feedback.  We have a pretty solid marketing plan that includes the following online marketing tactics:

  • Get friends and friends of friends to join our Facebook and Myspace groups
  • Email student groups on campuses in DC, Dallas, and Okc area
    • Greek organizations
    • Service organizations
    • Schools of Social Work
    • Campus newspapers
  • Contact local bloggers and small newspapers in our targeted cities
  • Issue a general press release on
  • Work with DC area non profits that promote volunteerism and helping students with their loan debt
  • Email local charities to invite their current volunteers to sign up

We will putting this plan into action starting today and hopefully reach our goal of signing up 500 potential volunteers sooner than later.  Once we do that, then we can start finding partnerships with local charities and finding a few initial sponsors to fund the next level of running volunteers through the program.

So, tell your friends, family, everyone you know!